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cooling system maintenance

Your vehicle requires routine maintenance. We are not just talking about oil changes and tire rotations but having regular fluid checks for your cooling system is just as important as any other maintenance. You may not think about these fluids until the weather gets to below freezing and your car won’t crank. This is highly likely due to not having the proper levels of antifreeze in your vehicle. Or your car runs hot from not having enough coolant.

Cooling System Parts

The cooling system consists of several elements:

  • The Radiator – Besides being the main part of the cooling system, the radiator is in charge of keeping the temperature of the coolant low when it is passing through the hoses, thermostat, and water pump before returning to the engine.
  • The Radiator Fan – This component of the cooling system is responsible for keeping the radiator cool and from overheating.
  • The Thermostat – This little part measures the engine’s temperature. The thermostat lets coolant into the engine when it reaches it maximum temperature which allows the engine to cool.
  • The Water Pump – This pump transfers the coolant from the radiator to the thermostat.
  • The Pressure Cap – This cap, better known as the radiator cap, keeps the cooling system’s pressure in check. If this cap is not functioning, the system could explode.
  • The Heater Core – This component is the cooling system’s most recognizable part. It gives you heat in the cabin of your vehicle and defrosts the windows in those cold winter days and nights. So, for your comfort, you will want to keep this element working.

Whether you understand how the cooling system in your vehicle works or not, you still need to keep it maintained. Leave it to the professionals at Car Doctors Auto Repair. Our Athens, GA, technicians are certified, trained, and experienced to take care of your domestic or import car. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Cooling System Repair Near Me

Because we care about you and understand how valuable your time is, we have an early bird or night owl drop box so you can drop your car off at your convenience. We will also give you a courtesy ride while your vehicle is being worked on in case you do not want to hang our in our waiting room. Regardless if your vehicle needs fluids checked or your cooling system needs a repair, Car Doctors Auto Repair has your covered!


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